About Euphoria

The Konstantopoulos Family Grove in Messinia, Greece

Euripides called Messinia “the land of the good fruit” for its beauty and fertile soils. This region of Greece, virtually one vast olive grove, is one of the most important olive-producing areas of the world. Today some sixteen million olive trees fill the land as far as the eye can see. One thousand of those trees have been in the Konstantopoulos family since the 1600s.

Within Messinia are unique microclimates that yield significant taste differences in the oils that each produces. Our groves lie at the base of Mount Taygetos where a confluence of good soil, mild winters and long, dry summers creates Euphoria’s distinctive taste

Our Greek Koroneiki Olives in its Unique Microclimate

The Koroneiki olive varietal, named after the nearby ancient seaside town of Koroni, is native to the Messinian region of Greece and thus ideally suited to our local growing conditions. This olive is naturally resistant to insects and drought, so it does not require as much watering, spraying or insecticides as other olive varietals do. In fact, it has adapted so well to the local climate that very little human intervention, other than loving care, is needed to help it grow. Connoisseurs prize this oil for its stable shelf life, high antioxidant levels and complex taste profile, and for this reason Koroneiki is almost always included in blended oils

Making Euphoria Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Any delay between harvesting and pressing the olives can increase acidity because the olives’ nutritional value starts breaking down the moment they are picked. Within hours of harvesting, we bring our olives to the local mill where they are pressed right away in a mechanized system. Though not as picturesque as traditional hand pressing, the mechanized press better protects the olive paste from any type of contaminants during the entire process. It also minimizes exposure of the olive paste to the open air, thus decreasing the potential for oxidation and rancidity. This is a great example of how modernization can go hand in hand with tradition to enhance the quality of extra virgin olive oil.

For Honest, Top Quality Olive Oil Know Your Producer

Producing premium extra virgin olive oil is a time-consuming labor of love. Unfortunately, the world of olive oil is far from pure. Cheap, adulterated and low quality oils continue to infiltrate the US market masquerading as top quality extra virgin olive oil. Our friends have been part of the lucky few who for years have been enjoying our fresh oil.

We recently formed Greek Artisanal Imports to give the rest of the world access to real, honest, premium olive oil and to help traditional, natural methods of oil production survive. We believe the only way to be sure you are getting pure extra virgin olive oil is to know your producer. You will always know and be able to trust what you are getting from us because we are involved throughout the entire process of bringing Euphoria from our groves to your table.

We are extremely proud to be part of an olive oil tradition that hails back to ancient times. Welcome to our family!

Euphoria in Your Life

Fresh olive oil like this is perfect drizzled over baked or grilled fish, roasted vegetables, or even a thin slice of feta cheese. Salad vinaigrettes made with Euphoria bring out all of the wonderful tastes of fresh ingredients. It’s the perfect accompaniment to nature’s bounty all year long. The attractive Italian glass bottle and elegantly designed label make it a memorable hostess gift, a beautiful reminder of the taste long after you soaked up the last drop of oil with a crust of bread

We Care About The Earth

Our cultivation practices have always been, and remain to this day, organic. We are in the process of getting certification, however, and look forward to making it official. It takes 4-5 years of observation by Greece’s certifying body, and until then we welcome you to join us in our olive oil production so you can see for yourselves

Our Bottle

We purposely selected a dark green bottle (40% recycled glass) to protect Euphoria, because light has a damaging effect on the taste, quality and antioxidant levels of extra virgin olive oil.

We understand you like to see what you are buying, but we wouldn’t use olive oil that has been sitting in a clear glass bottle ourselves, and we won’t sell it to you.

We suggest that you store Euphoria in a cool dark place